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Get to know our staff!

Get to know Steph Page

How long have you worked with children/families?

I have been working with children for about 9 years. I first started working with children as a teaching assistant after finishing my A levels. I then worked at different summer camps and play groups whilst at university. I then completed my PGCE and I have just started my fourth year as a teacher.

How long have you worked at Dorking Nursery School and Children’s Centre?

I started working at DNSCC at the beginning of September, so I am very new to the team but I am really enjoying working here!

What made you want to work at the school?

I really enjoy working within the Early Years as I love the way the children learn through child initiated and play based learning. This results in teaching being focused on the children’s interests and no two days being the same, which I find very rewarding and exciting. I also find that children within this age group grow and develop so quickly, and have a real fascination with the world around them. The fact that DNSCC is solely focused on the Early Years is something that really made me want to work here.

What makes Dorking Nursery School so very special?

There seems to be a real sense of community within Dorking and that DNSCC has a really important role in the lives of many members of the community. I think that DNSCC is so very special because all members of staff really take an interest and work to support all family members of the children who attend DNSCC.

What do you know now which you wish you had known when you first started work?

I wish I had known just how exciting and rewarding teaching under 5s is, as when I first started my teaching career I was very keen to work within other year groups. However, I have since realised that I really do love working within the Early years and just how rewarding it is to see the children tackle so many new challenges successfully, and to see them develop and grow so much throughout the year and to be a part of this, and I am really glad to be teaching within an Early Years setting again.

What superpower do you wish you had or do you think you need to work with young children?

I really wish I had the ability to manipulate time so that I could fit more into my day and make good times last longer.


We will be featuring our wonderful team of teachers and staff here and on our Facebook page @DorkingNurserySchoolandChildrensCentre. Watch this space every few weeks!