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Part 2 of Margaret's story

When I had my first child everyone talked about how good DNS was and how there was a waiting list.  I wrote a letter with my application hopefully to help Mark get a place explaining that he shared his room with his younger sister and live in a small flat without a garden.  I was successful in getting a place and remember how other mums would say how lucky I was and that my son would get a really good start to his education at Dorking Nursery School.

Just before Mark was due to start he fell into a pool and dropped straight to the bottom.  Not being a confident swimmer myself I was very grateful that DNS offered swimming lessons helping him to overcome his fear of the water after the accident.  The nursery really fostered Mark's interests particularly science, even taking a small group on trip to the science museum in London.  He is now doing computer science at Cambridge aided in no small part to the positive start he had at nursery!

After Mark finished at nursery, Dorking Nursery School began to take over the old Performing Arts library next door and an under 3s group was started enabling my daughter to become even more familiar with the building and staff before she started nursery.  The Children’s Centre was officially opened not long after with a picture in the local paper.

When Emma started nursery she was quite a fussy eater.  Fortunately for us the nursery had just started the lunch club which through watching other children and gentle encouragement sorted out her fussy eating. She also flourished in the nurturing environment and is now studying English Literature at Durham.

Through my own education, my children’s education and finally a job, nursery has always been part of my life. 

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